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Monday, April 16, 2007

Virginia Tech

I can't tear myself away from the news, and I can't stop crying for the families of the students who were killed or injured in the senseless shootings that took place today at Virginia Tech.

Just a few months ago our family toured the beautiful campus on one of our "help Josh pick a college" trips. He toured several schools that have good engineering programs; UVA was his first choice and VA Tech was number 2.

A few weeks ago he received an acceptance letter into the engineering school at VA Tech, and we felt pretty comfortable knowing that "Plan B" was in place. Then on April 2 he received his acceptance letter from UVA and his decision was made.

We've been so excited and so proud since his acceptance letter came, thinking about how bright his future looks.

But I'm reminded today -- once again -- that we can't be so arrogant as to assume we have anything beyond this moment. Other events that brought this realization: the Columbine shootings, 9/11, the Sniper shootings.

All I can do today is hug my kids a little closer, remind them to be safe, love them with all my heart, and then trust God with the rest.

My heart goes out to the parents who lost their children today. I pray that God gives them comfort and strength, knowing that He will bring good out of the unthinkable.


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