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Friday, September 22, 2006

One-Skein Exchange

Over at the Markman Farms group, we did a one-skein exchange. Our task was to knit a dishcloth for our partner, and then send her the dishcloth, the remainder of the skein of yarn, and the pattern for the dishcloth.

My partner was MJ, and this is the wonderful dishcloth I received from her:

I just love the colors! It's such a neat pattern; I almost hate to put it in dishwater, but I just love the way these little cotton squares do their jobs! So it's going in the water now that I've photographed it and put it on my blog!

Thanks MJ!

Initial Exchange Package

Another really cool exchange we did in the KKEXnMore group was an initial exchange. What a neat idea, and so much fun to shop for! We looked for little gifts that started with the initial of our partner's first or last name.

We shipped those packages out at the end of August, so at the beginning of September I found this package on my front porch:

How exciting! So I opened it and here's what I found:

Lots of individually wrapped gifts, each with a clue ("L is for . . . " or "C is for . . . "). How clever! I felt like a little girl at Christmas; I couldn't wait to rip open those packages!

Whiskers (our fat cat) helped me open the packages, and here's what we found.

A great little book (A Life God Rewards) -- I carry it with me and read it when I have to wait anywhere; a Coke cup, and a yummy candle . . .

A very pretty night light, some decorative fall leaves, and an adorable calendar for my purse . . .

Some care bears lip balm and some carmel latte lip balm (I LOVE lip balm!), Candy Corn, four carbineer clips (I use those for everything!), a magnet with a love message, and a cute cat figurine.

Tracee Stewart had my name. Thanks Tracee for a fun box of great surprises!

Oh, and poor Whiskers was just exhausted by the effort of opening all of those goodies!

Secret Pal - First Package

It's been forever since my last post. My best friend's mom had a stroke in mid-August and passed away after two weeks in the hospital. I was at the hospital with her pretty much every day during that two weeks, and I've started working part time, so I'm behind on a lot of things.

Instead of cramming it all into one post, I'll write several smaller posts to get a little more up to date.

First, I participated in a few really cool loom knitting exchanges.

The first was a secret pal exchange through the KKEXnMore group. We sent two packages to our secret pal; the first was sent August 15 and the second was sent September 15.

Take a look at what my secret pal sent me in August!

All kinds of goodies -- a fabulous tote bag with a knitting kitty on it (two of my passions), some really cute note cards, an address book, some cotton yarn for making more dishcloths, yuuuuummmmy Dove chocolates (not pictured because they were long gone when this picture was taken), a cat note book, a Sudoku book and electronic game, Altoids . . . what a great surprise! Thanks Secret Pal!

Here's a close up of the kitty tote. I carried it with me every time I went to the hospital to visit my friend's mom, and everyone who knows me said it was perfect for me -- two things I love are kitties and knitting! LOL