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Friday, May 05, 2006

VA State Champs!!

My son's basketball team won their State Championship last weekend in Roanoke, VA! Quite an accomplishment for a team that has been together only two years. Next year we have to move up to Division I, but we're ready for it. We won all of our games in the state championship tournament by between 16 and 25 points. In the photo above, each coach is next to his son. Three proud dads, wouldn't you say? The other moms and dads were with me, taking photos of our champs.

Kyle with his medal

Kyle with some of his teammates. These guys are so funny! They're just so calm and collected, even after a big win like this one. To them, it's just another day, another game, another win.

Gerard (my hubby / one of the coaches) with Kyle after the game. A proud moment!

My mom, dad, sister and great-nephew (sister's grandson) were able to meet us in Roanoke for the tournament. We live about 6 hours from them (they're in WV, we're in VA), so any time we can "meet in the middle" we try to take advantage of it.

My mom, dad and Josh (older son) -- speak no, hear no, see no . . .

My sister and her grandbaby. He's such a little nut! My boys had him saying all kinds of silly things this weekend. He's a little sponge, soaking up everything you say to him.

My sister with the boys - Josh and Kyle. Take a look at the cutie in the middle. At the risk of sounding like a bragging mama, I just have to tell you that he's not just a pretty face -- he's also really smart. He just brought home a straight A & A+ report card, and he got the results back for an exam he took to become a Certified Drafter. He received the same score as his teacher. He's a junior in high school and plans to become an engineer.

Can you believe how big this kid is? He just turned 12 in January. We always get questioned at the tournaments about him, so we started carrying his birth certificate with us! We thought it was so funny seeing him next to my petite little mom.

The "secret" of our success? Our coaches and players gather to pray before and after every game. God is at the center of everything we do, even our basketball games. Does He give us a win everytime? No, I don't think so. But our boys are learning to rely on Him in every circumstance, and they are learning to win with class and lose with grace. We have a great bunch of coaches, kids and parents, and our basketball program is about more than just learning basketball skills.

On the knitting front, I have two major and one semi-major projects going on at the same time. On my 48" infinity board is one son's afghan (finally cast on and a few inches completed). On the 80" infinity rake is the other son's afghan. And I have a prayer shawl on the prayer shawl loom. I've been trying to work a little on each every evening, so they're all taking a while to complete.

To satisfy my need to finish something, I'm also throwing in a few smaller projects along the way. I finished some scrunchies -- here are just a few:

I bought Isela's Cable Baguette pattern and have two that I need to finish:

I did the black one on my small gauge travel hat loom. It made a cute little mini bag to carry a cell phone, lipstick and a few other small essentials. I love it! I just need to stitch up the sides and make the liner, but first I need to study the mattress stitch again to make sure I'm doing it correctly.

The ivory one was done on the red loom as the pattern suggested. It's much bigger, and I know I'll carry it all the time! I'll have to make others in different colors. I couldn't find the handles with the straight end so I'm using round bamboo handles. Next time I'll order online if I can't find the others at the store. I've added one of the handles to this one; now I just need to attach the other one, stitch up the sides and add the liner. I can't wait to carry it!

When I get them finished I'll photograph them together to show the difference in size.

The kitties get the last word today:

This is one of Bud's favorite spots when he's ready to play. He hangs over the rail on the stairs (usually during dinner) and meows until someone comes to play with him. Silly kitty! That's my son up there with him. Kinda look alike, don't they?

Sometimes you just have to claim your sunspot and take a nap!

Thanks for bearing with me today. Happy knitting (and gardening!!)


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