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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Orioles 18 - Cleveland 9

This week is the boys' spring break, but since Gerard just started his new job as general manager of the Comfort Inn in January, we couldn't go anywhere for the week. So we're trying to do several "little" things with the guys while they're off school.

Last night we headed up to Baltimore for a baseball game. What a game it was!

The boys think I'm such a dork because I carry the camera everywhere and make them stop for photos. They're just too cute not to photograph! Look at that incredibly blue sky! It was so clear and warm -- the perfect evening for a baseball game. We bought our tickets and were surprised at the great seats we were able to get. We were just a few rows behind the wall at left field. One Cleveland homerun ball ended up in our section, but we didn't catch it. Good thing too, because the crowd chanted "Throw it back" to the guy who caught it.

Another photo op, this time with mom in the picture. Funny how the main photographer takes all the great shots but is rarely in a picture.

Just look at those happy faces!

Waiting for the game to begin (and for the popcorn and peanut vendors to come by)

Our seats were directly behind the left fielder, and we were seated right behind some die-hard Orioles fans who lightheartedly heckled Jason Michaels, Cleveland's left fielder, the whole game. Here he is talking to two of his teammates. He was a great sport -- he looked toward the crowd several times, but he never seemed irritated by the teasing they were doling out.

The Orioles ended up winning, 18-9. What a great game it was! The O's scored 7 runs in the fifth inning.

Yes, I did take my knitting bag with one of my new scarf boards and some yarn. But the game was too exciting, so I didn't even take it out of the bag.

Today I'm going to work on a swiffer cover that was posted on this blog. It's a very sunny, warm day here in VA, so we've got to find something to do outside!

Thanks for reading. Happy looming!


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