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Friday, March 10, 2006

Hat / Scarf Sets Finished

I've finished the hats and scarves for the girls at church. I hope they like them, though with the wonderful change in the weather they probably won't be able to use them until next year. I didn't do anything fancy with these since I needed to finished them quickly.

This is the set for the oldest sister. She's 13 and wanted black and gray. The hat on the left has a doubled brim; the one on the right has a ribbed brim.

The next sister just turned 12. She wanted a white set -- hers came out more of a cream color, but I think she'll like it. The hat on the right has a doubled brim with the hat done with a 2 over 1 stitch. The hat on the right was done with the mock crochet stitch. I think she'll like that one. I may have to go back and do a mock crochet hat for the older sister.

The third sister is 8 years old. The hat on the left has a double brim; the one on the right has a ribbed brim (K1P1 for a few rows).

The last sister is a pint sized 6 year old pistol. She's just so cute! Her set is done with Patons Divine (like the others) with a strand of Caron Simply Soft. As small as her scarf is, I'm still worried that it will be a little too big. She is TEENY.

I finally tried to make scrunchies, and I was so amazed at how simple they are! I made all three of these this morning; each one took less than 30 minutes from start to finish. I made one last night, but I used a pony tail holder that isn't stretchy enough. I went to the Dollar General store and found a pack of 100 pony tail holders for $1.00. I'll be making scrunchies for everyone!

These three are made with one strand of Fun Fur (top left), Bernat Eyelash (top right), and Patons Divine (bottom). I ewrapped and knitted 10 rows and pulled the first stitches up like making a hat brim, placing the pony tail holder between the stitches (not on the pegs). Then I knitted off and did a crochet bind off. Simple as pie!

I made a "sampler" tube to use in my knitting group at church, to show a few of the stitches that can be done on the looms. A few weeks back I purchased some stitch pattern books from Loom Knitting and I used this sampler as an opportunity to play with some of the stitches in the books. I only did a small number of stitches in the book; I'll have to do another sampler with some of the other stitches. I thought these would be plenty to get our little group started.

I started with the Cable Cast on. I used two strands of yarn throughout.

From the left:
Tan - basic ewrap, knit 1 over 1, 12 rows
Black - ewrap, knit 1 over 2, 12 rows
Blue - garter stitch, 14 rows
Tan - purl stitch, 10 rows
Gray - Rib stitch, 10 rows

Black - double rib stitch, 10 rows
White - seed stitch, 10 rows
Blue - moss stitch, 12 rows
Multi-color - flat stitch, 15 rows
Gray - mock crochet stitch, 8 rows

Gray - mock crochet stitch
Blue - checkerboard
Tan - chunky braid stitch, 5 rows
White - half stitch (wrap 4 times, knit off 2 over 2), 5 rows
Blue - double stitch (wrap 3 times, knit off 1 over 2), 10 rows.
Ended with Super Stretchy Bind Off

I tried my hand at Crystal's Flat Bottom Bag last night. The first one I did on the Blue KK, but I did something wrong and ended up with a slightly lop-sided thing. So I frogged it and tried again on my Mitten Loom (since I wanted it smaller to hold my cell phone). I'll be frogging that one too, as I made the flap too long.

That's what I love about looming. You can follow the directions and make something beautiful, or you can deviate from the directions and either make something wonderful or make a real mess. But you can always rip it apart and start over. I'm having so much fun learning new stitches and making cool things. I've never considered myself a crafty person, so each new thing I learn to do with my loom makes me feel a little more creative!


  • At 8:10 AM, Blogger american girl in italy said…

    I did the same exact thing - bought the loom knitting pattern books, and then made a sampler. haha Yours looks better then mine though, your stitches look great. i love the checkerboard stitch... i need a project for that stitch. nice work!

  • At 5:28 PM, Blogger Lisa said…

    Hey Sara - What's funny is that I read your comments about the stitch pattern booklets, and that's what inspired me to buy them! :)


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