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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Working on my Semaphore Scarf

I purchased the pattern for the "Semaphore Scarf" from Cindy on Ebay (just do a search for Semaphore Scarf) and started it last night. I didn't understand some of the instructions, so I emailed her. She responded to me lickity-split and explained everything perfectly, and off I went.

I'm using the purple knifty knitter for my scarf, and so far I'm happy with the way it's turning out. I'll probably do a second one using my son's basketball team colors to show my spirit at his games.

My hubby asked me to make him a checkerboard scarf a few weeks ago, and I was fortunate to find this great pattern from It worked up quickly and was so much fun to do. It's a little long (it hangs below the bottom of his jacket), so I may end up making him a shorter one and keeping this one for myself.

After I finish the semaphore scarf, I'm going to start experimenting with some stitches and make some different scarves and hats that will be donated to our church's homeless ministry. Every Tuesday we prepare lunches to be delivered to homeless and indigent people in our area, and once a month our church does the delivering (a Christian school and other churches take care of the other days). On our delivery days we deliver our handmade hats and scarves along with other donated items such as clothing, toiletries, etc. Next week we're having the first meeting of our "knitting club" that I'm organizing, so I'll post pictures of our projects (and our fun) later.

I'm itching to start an afghan. I'll start it after I've played with some of the stitches and can decide how I want it to look.

I couldn't resist adding this picture of my knitting buddy, Bud. He's the best "dog" our family has ever had! Every evening he finds me sitting on the couch (next to my snoozing hubby) with my knitting in my lap. He stares me down until I clear out his spot next to me, and then he jumps up and cuddles next to me on the couch while I knit. Of course he grabs at the yarn from time to time, but I'm sure he's just trying to help. Finally he falls asleep (until one of the other cats joins us and wakes him).


  • At 12:23 PM, Blogger Debi said…

    Ha!!! My dog does that, too!!! He just stares at me, and if I don't move soon enough, he'll paw at my leg. Aren't pets such a blessing?!

  • At 12:36 PM, Blogger Lisa said…

    Your dog is so cute!! My sister has one just like that - a girl named Gabby (and gabby she is, or more like yappy!).


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